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Jean-Baptiste Bousquet, a master potter of the Var, founded the faience in Quimper in 1690 wich became the HB faience. At the end of the 18th century, two other faiences, Henriot and Porquier also coexist in Quimper. In 1906 Henriot bought Porquier and HB and Henriot merge in their turn in 1968. Today, now the owner is Jean-Pierre Le Goff since 2011 and he his renamed the factory Henriot-Quimper. Having employed more than 250 people in the 70s, the Henriot Quimper faience no longer employs 27 people.



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  • Secrets of manufacturing

The hollow parts such as vases, statues, piggy banks are made with a liquid composed of clay and water, which is poured into a plaster mold. Within minutes, the piece is ready to be removed from the mold.

The bowls, meanwhile, are manufactured by a potter who put a piece of clay directly on a plaster mold. By rotating the tower and with the help of a sponge and a little water, it shapes the container expertly.

Once properly dried, the pieces are placed in a furnace at 1040 ° C for nine hours. They will then cool down for nine hours.

Then comes the step of decoration: the seven painters draw patterns by hand with a very liquid paint composed of metal oxides and water. Parts are finally dipped into an enamel bath, mixture of glass powder, cobalt and water. Then, they have to return to the furnace for seven hours at 940 ° C and wait another seven hours for them to cool.

That is the time that faience made in Quimper reveal their magic: the colors became very bright, a little pale purple has become a beautiful bright blue and the parts now have a nice glossy appearance nice very soft to touch.

The different stages of the manufacture of Henriot faience can be seen on guided tours offered by the factory. Faience manufactured diversified with the creation of faience jewelry, decorative objects and pieces of artists in addition to the art of the table.

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