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Adon placed the first stones of the Abbey of Jouarre around seventh century after Jesus-Christ.
Abbey will cross the centuries not without incidents but by always preserving the four axes
dictated by Saint Benoit, ' ' Pray and Work, Here and Now ' '.
The religious figurines are the fruit of the work, dictated by St.Benoit, and executed by Jouarre
These figurines are made of Earthenware, handpainted and enamelled.
Nativity scene depict the human realities like the love and the tenderness of the family; trades that describe the work , generosity and the poor, who are the privileged recipients of the Gospel. These figures have much to express in their gestures and actions than by their faces almost inexistant. Many Beautiful Nativity scenes can be realised with these figurines.
The initials NDJ,« Notre-Dame de Jouarre » are traced with a boxwood part on the piece before drying.
The announced size correspond to the height of an upright adult character (ex: Joseph in A1 = 4 Inches / 10 Cm). The other subjects (animals, children, accessories) are proportional.


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