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Halluin Tapestries

Halluin Tapestries



Technical process

Three différent stages are required in the making of our wall tapestries.

First, the studio designers create a painting in the size of the final tapestry.This artwork always bears in mind the different technical requirements of future weaving.

After agreement of the artwork, a technical design is drawn up showing each stitchin its wrap and weft which demand a most mediculous drawing of more than one million stitches.This design work is called "mise en carte" and may required over thousand of hours for the studio labour and can only be realized by highly skilled specialised designers.

After careful checking of the finished "mise en carte", cards are punched by special electronic equipment to fit to the Jacquard loom.

The loom is set up and the yarns chosen in the many différent colours.The trial process may now begin, a most expensive development step which requires almost as much labour as a complete production process and when a correct resul has been achieved, the weaving process may definitively start. But before, all the  yarns in all the necessary colours which enter in the warp and weft are to be dyed and put ahead fo thewarping. The warping is again a long careful operation, handled by special equipment. All the yarns from  the warping are to be fixed by the weaver one by one the warp equipment of the loom, and this is a most delicate operation as each in the whole width of the loom is tied un by hand.

The filling yarn bobbins are added on the loom and when all the labour iscorrectly set up, the weaving begins.The equipment of this weaving is called Jacquard weaving.

When finished with the loom, the tapestry is once again carefelly checked, controlled, brushed, lined with a backing, labelled and packed for shipping.

The whole process is carried out by highly skilled and specialized workers, and amoung the three of the best workmen in France, in our ateliers in HALLUIN in FLANDRES , north of FRANCE, one of the birthplaces of tapestry.