Your order will be charged in US dollars ( USD ) . For our customers who are outside of North America, consult the Currency Page.

There are 5 payment methods:

1) Credit card - Visa and Mastercard

We use Shopify Payment, Global Transport and Square, secure sites, to make credit card transactions.

 2) Interac 

Please send the payment via interac to and Use your last name as the password. As soon we receive the payment we confirm you your order.

3) International bank transfer

If you like to use an International bank transfer to place your order, Choose this kind of Payment and Eric will send you the information to send the International bank transfer via e-mail .

4) Money order

Please send your money order to: 
Claude Berry Inc. 
207 Chemin Du Lac Nord
Québec, G3C 0S1

As soon as we receive your payment, or as soon as your credit card is charged, we will send your items.

 5) Paypal

If you like to use Paypal, send us an e-mail and we will send you an invoice via Paypal.

If you use Paypal and you resend us some pieces for refund, you will pay the fees of Paypal on your refund .