Gien Monogramme

A bathroom is the ultimate well-being space. Make it a place you want to be, cosy and inviting, any time of day, with a stylish touch of Gien in a new range of elegantly shaped accessories. Grace your bathroom with these delightful creations which are both beautiful and useful.

• Decorative accessories for your bathroom are a source of pleasure. Once you have the basics taken care of, that is, furniture, bathtub and shower, you can enjoy choosing any number of enhancements to give your bathroom your unique, personal signature.

Victor Hugo said “The future is like a door, and the key to the door is the past”

• Having an extensive wealth of archives, Faïencerie de Gien is able to take features from its timeless, vintage material and give them a new youth. Monogramme marks the Faïencerie’s renewed interest in the bathroom and its exploration in the field of beauty care and dispensary items, currently trending in interior decoration. The black monochrome theme, featuring bouquets of roses framing a central monogramme, is equally elegant in a contemporary as well as a classic setting.

• Apothecary jars, jewelry dishes, soap holders… all these pieces can happily adorn your bathroom or be diverted to find a home in hall, living room or study. Enjoy the pleasure of treating yourself or gifting someone with something special.


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