Delices de jouy

This range is the creation of a joint project involving Gien, French National Museums and the National Toile de Jouy Museum ‡
It draws inspiration from Toile de Jouy prints, back with us now in the 21st century, the latest trend in lifestyle and home furnishings ‡
These designs take us back to the late 17th century, to the time when the East India Company was thriving, and in France, cotton fabrics were being printed with vivid colors on a pale background.
They were called “Les Indiennes”. During the 18th century these fabrics were to become the last word in textile fashion, and have been much liked ever since, with their faintly period style.
Toile de Jouy is ever more present here and now, appearing unexpectedly here and there, bringing quirky touches of charm to contemporary lifestyle. ‡
With a singularly feminine and romantic aura, this delightful service teases us with its exquisite depictions of fun and pastoral pleasures : dance, music, eating and gardening. ‡
Spring is portrayed by the ”tree of freedom” , Summer is depicted with figures reaping in the harvest.
This pattern has a light, fresh and natural feel. ‡
Each piece tells a story enacted by joyful characters in changing shades of blue.

The pattern Delices de Jouy is discountinued, these pieces are available.

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