Gien Vases Siam

The creation of this vase stems from the combination of Faïencerie de Gien know-how and the sensuous concept of style personified in the designer ALNOOR.
In his approach to design, ALNOOR places emphasis on the emotional message conveyed by the object of his creation:
“An object must offer something that we feel we want to relate to. Something that appeals to our subconscious self. Something that draws us to want to touch it. The object must connect with our emotions. It has to have an appeal. What I like to do is focus on that special moment filled with feelings of awe and eagerness, the moment that comes just before you enter into actual physical contact with an object. I like to say that I create objects to be desired.”
The Siam vase designed by ALNOOR is the perfect expression of just such an emotion which an object can arouse. It invites us to perceive the object as being something beyond the functional.
Since 1821 and to this day, Gien is in total control of the Faïence production process. This starts with raw materials selection, sand, clay, kaolin, to make clay paste and slip, through to turning out the final product. All plaster casts and glazes used in the process are also designed and made exclusively on site in Gien by expert craftsmen and craftswomen at the manufacture.
Each piece of Faïence is worked by 30 different pairs of hands reproducing traditional skills and crafts, some of which go back two hundred years. The Siam vase originated on the basis of existing pieces at the Faïencerie de Gien. ALNOOR chose vase shapes which he then assembled, reconstructed, enhanced in contemporary colors and made complete with a leather belt.
This new shape is an elegant and different form, an object to treasure. The finishing touch of the leather belt sets off the piece. It is a symbolic reminder of the indissociable bond linking fine Faïence products with the skilled workers who make them at the Manufacture.
The piece embodies the know-how and creativity of the House with its stunning shape and eye-catching colors. Throughout the manufacturing process it has been handled with skill and attention, passed from workshop to workshop, fashioned with all the necessary precision and application.
Available in two different sizes and three color compositions, these vases are a promise of many possible combinations for you to try, matching shapes, colors and height.
The Siam vase, which can equally be used upside down, is presented in three colors : Kaolin glaze on Lemon Yellow glaze, Willow and Acapulco, Coral and Ruby. These three colors have been formulated to provide a pleasing match with the many and varied existing Gien patterns. Enjoy these new combinations, whichever way up you choose !


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