Oriental nativity dressed

Whereas figurines accompanying conventional cribs always remain the same,
unchanging in their gestures and curves, we have created sets of figurines
that invite the observer to experiment with making their own changes.
It's quite simple! Only the head, hands and shoe-clad feet arecarved from wood, with the faces wearing fixed expressions, while the bodies are fully clothed with their stances changeable.
The 12 cm tall figurines wear faithfully reproduced and authentic-looking miniature clothes.
We hope that your attention vvill be drawn to the accessories that our figurines carry in their bands - as basket of eggs or bread, a bundle of wood, a woven bird's cage.
These additions are remarkable, right down to the finest detail, and designed to arouse the curiosity and interest of the observer.
Our new crib is available in two versions:
a folkloristic version with a farmyard setting and figurines in rural dress carrying farming tools such as scythes and rakes;
the other version in an oriental crib with architectural features from the East and figurines in oriental dress with suitable accessories.
P.S. We reserve the right to make changes to the materials worn by our models


 The size of the caracter is 12 cm (4.72 inches). The size of the others subjets (animals, children and accessories) are propotional.

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