Pattern designed by Isabelle Barthel, illustrator, who also designed Paris Paris, Eden…
In total contrast to traditional images of poultry depicted on plates.
Brings to mind amusing expressions associated with the word hen : Mother Hen, Hen party, Chick…
It is a nod in the direction of the countryside, symbol of the good life, in a style that suits chic urban kitchen tables. 4 different species of hen adorn the plates, with detailed plumage painted in water color : Bantam, Serama, Sussex and Wyandotte.
Geometric details in the banding lend a sober and modern feel to the whole design. Grey and sepia tones in the illustration are enhanced by colored markings in the border (almond green, coral pink, turquoise and straw yellow).
The interaction between the representational subject of the hen and the abstract marking in the banding drawn on inspiration from vintage faïence pieces, produces an astonishing effect, full of movement and contrast
Coquettes can be matched easily with more traditional patterns and similar colors.
It is for everyday use, at an affordable and attractive price
Ideal for breakfast, it is also just the thing for an urban brunch and other fashionable occasions for friendly get togethers.
Both informal and elegant.

The pattern Coquettes is stopped, these are the pieces we have available

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