Gien Mosaik

A  bathroom is the ultimate well-being space. Make it a place you want to be, cosy and inviting, any time of day, with a stylish touch of Gien in a new range of elegantly shaped accessories. Grace your bathroom with these delightful creations which are both beautiful and useful.
• Decorative accessories for your bathroom are a source of pleasure. Once you have the basics taken care of, that is, furniture, bathtub and shower, you can enjoy choosing any number of enhancements to give your bathroom your unique, personal signature.
• New shapely forms are in the spotlight with Faïencerie de Gien’s creations for your bathroom in the Mosaïk pattern. This theme has been created from an “Art deco” motif drawn from an item kept in the Faïencerie’s archives dating from the 1920s. The pattern, leaning towards the abstract, brings to mind the art of Paul Klee with its colors and symbols. The architectural elements of the pattern form an imaginary parallel between the decorative and the practical. The movement in the design of the pattern seems to be suggesting a certain notion of organisation, this way and that.
• With its vivid colors on neutral background, Mosaïk offers perfect pieces to enhance a sleek and sober bathroom, bringing a tasteful ornamental touch. Subtle hues of blue and ocre, theme colors of water and sun, suggest afternoons by the side of a glassy pool, ancient mosaics lining the earliest baths, and the golden heat of high summer.


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