Gien Les Depareillees in Blue

After the green Dépareillées, here we have them in blue !  Shape, motif and color are coordinated for a strikingly original effet
If you like a table with a distinctly different look, Gien has just the thing ! Away with the straight « total look », now is the time to have fun with color, shape and motif. Pick and choose endless combinations as you please ! 
Seize the opportunity as Gien unveils motifs from its 19th century archive material, producing 6 different plates, subtly mis-matched in varying shapes, color and patterns. • 3 different blue hues are used, imparting the plates with a feel of timeless elegance. • Bleu : iconic Gien color • 6 designs drawn from 19th century archives, emblematic of Gien : - Fleurs (roses) - Monogramme Rouen Fleuri (Rouen blossom monogramme) - Oiseaux au panier (bird in basket) - Blason Rouen Fleuri (Rouen coat of arms, blossom) - Rébus (riddles) - Vues d’Orient (view of the East) 
Blue and color coordinates : Regarding color coordinates, depending on depth of color and choice of combinations, the atmospheres suggested by the color blue can be quite different.Combined with black and mouse-gray, blue radiates a soothing and masculine ambiance. Combined with red coordinates, Cyan Blue (bluish green) has a tonic feel about it, for an energetic twist. Combined with orange, for a vivid and sharp contrast, the effect will have an edge to it   


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