Gien Le Rugby

T his year rugby celebrates its bicentenary and some great sporting events will take place in France in autumn 2023. To mark the occasion Gien has teamed up with Sports d’Epoque to produce a collection of amusing themed plates.
Sports d’Epoque is a French clothing company founded by two brothers with a passion for sport. Their collections, manufactured both in France and Portugal, are designed in vintage sportswear styles and also reflect current events in the world of sport. Their design graphics are sometimes based on retro sports symbols, sometimes a humorous nod in the direction of sporting history.
Faiencerie de Gien and Sports d’Epoque share a lot in common : authenticity - a fundamental brand value ; outstanding quality - an absolute requisite ; a fondness for products with a story to tell and use of abundant archive material. Both brands have an affinity for rich and generous motifs, designs, colors … in addition, the warm identity of Gien earthenware finds its echo in sport, which, too, brings happy times shared in our day-to-day lives.
This collection is not only the result of a desire to celebrate values that bring us together, but also stems from an intention to take a side step and enjoy the fun of the mutual discovery of two different worlds. Sports d’Epoque brings rugby banter to the table with Gien, on plates depicting a delightful humorous narrative played out by two legendary rival teams.

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