Giner Nativity

Johann Giner, the greatest crib carver of his times, belonged to one of the oldest families in Thaur. Through the artistic quality and the expressiveness of his figures, he made the Tyrolean Christmas crib well-known all over the world.
Being farmer himself, Giner was able ac­curately to express the people's religious faith in his cribs.  These sbow the way people used to live and bed dressed in Thaur at Giner's times and therefore his works can be considered historical documents. As an excellent carver, Giner was able to deepen people's experience of Christmas and he succeded in giving his own personal forms to the Christmas crib.
His numerous cribs of doubtless artistic value and his great religious sculptures bear evidence of his artistic capacities.
The LEPI Workshops have reproduced one of Giner's cribs with great accuracy, to prove once more Giner's mastery.
It must especially be noted that these figurines are replaceable with other versions of the same size which we produce.  This allows you to have up to 250 different figurines.  


 The size of the caracter is 10 cm (3.94 inches). The size of the others subjets (animals, children and accessories) are propotional.

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