Gien Azur

Pattern designed by Estelle Rebottaro, a nature painter, who also designed Sologne
Gien falls into line with current lifestyle trends in this celebration of blue wildflowers
Azur takes us on a pastoral journey.
A natural bouquet of delicate fresh blue flowers, it depicts cornflower, flax flower, forget-me-not and Devil’s bit Scabious.
Amongst tall and slender blades of grass and water pennywort, marsh butterflies flit and float on the wind.
It is an illustration of nature in the gentlest of pinks and blues, suffused with a delicate lightness and subtlety.
Vivacious and swaying, both useful and beautiful, these wildflowers attract other life forms, and are a sheer delight for butterflies
A wide variety of multi-colored butterflies flutter hither and thither, drinking in the nectar, fancy free.
Each plant has its butterfly. What makes Azur different is its water color feel, awash with soft elegance, lightness and accuracy of touch.
Azur is a fresh take on a classic theme, bringing a new youthful look to tableware
The collection includes dinner service, gift objects and decorative pieces, with two new additions: a large demi-lune vase and a new shape design, Constellation – an assortment of round table mats.
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