Gien Jardins Extraordinaires

Cyril Destrade, image designer and illustrator, has created this pattern.

Original work in bright, radiant water paint hues. A travel diary on Faïence.
Nature has well and truly come into its own in our homes. Green plants are now more popular than ever in our urban dwellings, bringing a summery touch to our interiors all year round.
Green plants in abundance, home furnishings in natural materials… a clever mix ‘n’ match of the two and you have Urban Jungle style.
«Jardins extraordinaires », is a depiction of lush vegetation, a pattern full of promise where each element seems to move and shimmer in the light.
It has a note of poetry, as if Cyril Destrade is composing lines of verse to transport us into an imaginary world, a place midway between abstract and reality.


Jardins Extraordinaires will be stopped in 2023.
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