Folkloristic Nativity

The whole idea of the Nativity is to recreate, in the present, an event which happened long ago, and so it is custom to follow the iconographic tradition of clothing the caracters in the genine old costume of a particular region: in this case the Alpine area.

The three Kings, as well as the shepherds and Joseph, wear tall black hats, knee length pants and long coats, whereas the women and the Angel are in white lace and the typical wide multicoloured skirts. The birth of Christ, which is the prefiguration of the Salvation by God, is held in a great respect and gives joy and complete exultance. The garments worn are therefore the feast day clothes, the best Sunday clothes, reserved for important occasions. All this solemnity is broken by delightful details like the lamb with its front legs right inside the crib of the the Virgin Mary, who, with one hand gracefully rocks the cradle, and with the other holds a present-day baby's bottle.

These are certainly unusual and daring solutions but they will delight children who will see, in these small details, a familiar world.



The size of the caracter is 12 cm ( 4.72 inches). The size of the others subjets (animals, children and accessories) are propotional.

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