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Gien Faience

The Faience of Gien exists since 1821. Founded by an Englishman, Thomas Hall, who wanted to develop in France the trade of fine English porcelain,

Faïence of Gien is today one of the most famous in France and internationally due to the quality and creativity of its pieces.
At the beginning, the Faience of Gien proposed dishes utility, then, it expanded its range by adding tableware, decorative items and services to larger weapons French families.

Constantly improving the quality and creativity of its pieces, the Faience of Gien has designed particularly exceptional pieces presented at universal exhibitions of 1855 and 1900.

In the 20th century, Faience of Gien continues to modernize. Faience of Gien is very famous for the delicacy and richness of its forms and its decorations.

She is the first in France for the quality of its pieces made by judiciously mixing the artisanal and industrial manufacturing.

Manufacturing faience of Gien
A model, engraved by the modeler, will create mold making of hard plaster or resin.
Earthenware paste is made with clay, sand and kaolin for old process of more than 185 years.
The plates are formed with a plastic dough while more complex shapes require a slurry which is poured into molds and then facilitate demolding. The accessories are then added : handles, spouts... Then, the pieces are polished and baked to 1160 ° C. Faience of Gien is finally decorated with motifs inspired from the archive of the faïence or famous artists.
Three techniques are used :
- chromographie
- hand printing
- hand painting

Finally, faience of Gien's enamel. The enamel allows the color development and to show off different decorations. The final step consists of a baking enamel pieces at 1060 ° C for 12-24 hours to give a guarantee to resist washing machine.

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