Gien Indigo

In a retrospective tribute to her childhood, Brigitte de Bazelaire has given an ultramodern new lease on life to the Gien « Rouen 32 » pattern.
This was a dinner service that left a lasting impression on generations who can remember the time when beautiful tableware made every meal feel like a feast.
Brigitte de Bazelaire here rises to the challenge - bridging the gap between past and present – in this assignment for the prestigious Faïencerie de Gien
White on blue … she has remodelled the Rouen 32 motif to give it a stunning new look : lillies, pomegranate flowers and curlicues, all larger than life, are scattered on a backdrop of shifting deep blues.
Together they form a delightfully fresh mix ‘n’ match pastiche.
Blue on white … what were formerly neat arrangements of lillies and pomegranate petals are now dispersed on spacious white forms, generous and free, in subtle tones of indigo blue, true to Gien tradition.   

The pattern Indigo is discountinued, these pieces are available. 

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