Gien Le Secret

Emilie Vast, illustrator, author and visual artist, has created Le Secret, her first pattern for Gien.
Delightful tableware for children’s settings… and also for grown-ups … based on a book of the same name, Le Secret.
There is a stirring, tender and delicate quality to this pattern, a certain poetry that reaches out to both young and old.
Let’s browse through the story as it is told on the glowing faïence tableware : - From plate to plate, each animal passes the word. The news is amazing, extraordinary, fantastic, tremendous. Mrs Fox has a secret. Bursting to tell, she confides in Rabbit, who whispers it to Dragon Fly, who tells it to Squirrel … but what can this closely guarded secret be ? - All is told on the cake plate, the centerpiece, where all the animals gather to find out that Mrs Fox has had a baby. A promise of new life full of poetry and light.
There is a fine balance between the graceful portrayal of the animals and the invasive presence of the plant, denoting the artist’s skillful stroke of pen.
For children, the color Black denotes Mystery and keeping a Secret : food for fantasy. It is also Emilie Vast’s stamp, characteristic of her hand and style.  

The Secret was stopped in 2022, but we have many pieces in stock .

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