Gien La Prestic Ouiston

La Prestic Ouiston
L aurence Maheo founded La Prestic Ouiston almost twenty years ago, a fashion brand conveying values shared by many today : freedom, timelessness, durability, femininity. An art of living, a way of being, which is expressed chiefly in blouses, dresses, tops, trousers… in silk, bringing grace without fragility, introducing daywear to color and flow.

She began by using scarves she’d hunted out, mixing them, crossing motifs and diverse colors. Then she approached other artists, women : Laurence Kiberlain, writer and illustrator, in 2008. Together, they conceive drawings like an invitation that takes us on a journey in all forms, sentimental, astral, with Breton detours.
The collaboration with Gien began on the occasion of the Faiencerie’s bicentenary. Having been given carte blanche, Laurence Maheo, Laurence Kiberlain and Stéphanie Bonvicini delved into their memories and emotions created by earthenware to decorate vases and large platters.
The complicity between designer Laurence Maheo and Gien manufacturer continues, culminating in a fun capsule collection, drawing on the world of La Prestic Ouiston and the expertise of Faïencerie de Gien.
Laurence Maheo, fashion designer and founder of La Prestic Ouiston, brings her world to earthenware in this exclusive collaboration with Faïencerie de Gien.
The two brands share a taste for rich designs, colours and patterns.
This collection, a gentle, colourful and sensual world, begins with the DNA essentials of the ready-towear brand’s prints: a woman in bloom, Arrose-moi, the iconic Dragon couple, and the bigoudène going fishing for various marine objects.
These fine prints can be found on plates, bowl, vases, pitcher, and card holders, and then blend in with the world and history of the designer, from her native Brittany and its luscious oysters to her poetic tales: Chabadabada and All drawn by Laurence Kiberlain, a friend and long-time partner of the brand.

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